7 comments on “The Cold War. A Hot war in reality. Part 1

  1. I am very interested in the cold war period. I was a teenager during the purple rev and the fall of the wall. I feel that Ron Regan is a hugely underrated statesman, due to his almost single handed ending of that period. Will be reading your book soon to study the what ifs.

    • He was a very strong statesman and took a tough stance against the Soviet Union, particularly after the shooting down of KAL 007. But after Able Archer, a major US/NATO Command Post Exercise, where the Soviet Union initiated Operation Ryan, believing the US was about to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the USSR, things changed. As a consequence of discovering how close the Soviets came to a launch, Reagan started to back off. I hope you enjoy The Red Effect. HB

  2. Just finished “The Rd Effect” and “The Black Effect”. Engrossing series of books so far. Looking forward to “The Blue Effect”. Any time frame for when Blue will be available? Thanks

    • Hi John. Glad you enjoyed them both. It was a fascinating period of our history. The Blue Effect will be out in May. As it is the last in the trilogy, it will be longer than TRE and TBE. Thank you for visiting. HB

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