14 comments on “Force Majeure (2) – Paralysis.

  1. Loved both of the Force Majeure books. Read them both in a weekend.

    I’m a massive fan of this sort of post-apocalyptic fiction.

    Am gutted that the next instalment won’t be out until mid 2016.

    • Hi Nobby. Glad you enjoyed the first two in the series. There will be four in total. Sometimes I need a break, otherwise the content can start to become stale. I will start writing book 3 at the beginning of December. HB. Have you read the ‘Red Effect’ series? Apocalyptic with a different theme, but WW3 would be a pretty scary event.

  2. Yep. Read all three of those earlier in the year. Loved them too.

    I like these in the way that I used to love Tom Clancy and Larry Bond books.

    I hear what you say about going stale. Keep ’em coming as fast as you can but with the quality so far. Looking forward to the next two instalments.

  3. Hi Harvey,

    Any news on when the next Force Majeure book will be out?


  4. Any update release date? Like Nobby I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

    • Hi Andy

      Currently writing book 3. 40,000 words. It will be out in March.
      Apologies for delay, but I am employed full time and work has been a bit hectic.
      End of next year i will be writing full time, so will make life easier.
      If you and Nobby send me an email address, I will ensure you both get a signed copy when published. 🙂

  5. Harvey,
    Great news on the next instalment. Have just started to re-read the first two so, busy with work myself, march sounds like perfect timing. Looking forward to it.

  6. Harvey, any news on the third instalment? Been a while now!!! 🙂 will have to re-read the first two again which will be a shame!!

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