Military Bulletin 07/2015 – Russian nuclear missile drills

Military Bulletin 07/2015 – Russian nuclear missile drills.

At the beginning of June, Russia initiated a number of large-scale drills for its Strategic Missile Forces. Fifty regimental and ‘special tactical’ exercises, some lasting more than a month, involving rapid deployment and break-out to field positions will continue, unannounced, throughout the year. This will involve 30 missile regiments along with their associated mobile missile systems.

At least a third of the exercises will be surprise drills, and they will involve combat training with security and defence units. Additional ‘special tactical’ exercises, twenty in total, will also be conducted involving biological warfare defence training. It is thought that ten types of biological weapons and toxic agents will be simulated, including anthrax, plague and Ebola.

imageTopol-M TEL (Transporter, Erector & Launcher), Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. NATO reporting name SS-27 ‘Sickle B’. Speed Mach 22 (26,000+kph), range of 11,000 kilometres, carrying a 800 kiloton warhead.

Below is the SS-27 Mod2, a Russian (Multiple Independently targeted Reentry Vehicle) MIRV-equipped thermonuclear weapon intercontinental ballistic missile. It is believed that it can carry up to 10 MIRVs. At least 4 MIRVs, each carrying 100-300 kiloton warheads. It has a speed of Mach 20 (24,500 kph) and a range of 11,000 kilometres.



The RS-24 Yars, NATO reporting name of SS-27 MOD

“PC-24 «Ярс»” by Соколрус – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons 

This is all part of Moscow extensively testing its ‘triad’ nuclear arsenal, submarine launched ballistic missiles, silo-based intercontinental missiles and its long-range strategic bombers. General Sergei Karakaev, commander roof the Russian Strategic Missile Forces, has been quoted as saying ‘the exercises will guarantee the highest degree of combat readiness and break-out capabilities, and of fighting in different environmental conditions, including an NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) environment.

The Bear continues to growl…..

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