Deception (Cold War – Redux – 2).

Deception (Cold War – Redux – 2) now available. 

I have recently written the first of two novels in my latest Apocalyptic series, ‘Force Majeure – Purgatory’ and ‘Force Majeure – Paralysis’. The third in the series will be out later this year. Prior to these two books, I wrote a Cold War trilogy, The Red Effect, The Black Effect and The Blue Effect, portraying what I believe could have happened in the 1980’s, had the Soviets, and the Warsaw Pact, taken the decision to attack West Germany and plunged the world into a third world war.

I now ask myself the question, are we heading down that very route now? To answer that, I have just finished writing the second book in a new Cold War trilogy, or the ‘Cool War’ as it is sometimes referred to. Deception (Cold War Redux – 2) is now available for pre-order.

Deception (Cold War Redux – 2), out now for pre-order.




The flag of Ukraine.



Zaporizhia, a mere 50 kilometres from a Nuclear Power Station.


Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station with 6 Nuclear Reactors (Google Maps).


Top right, the concrete cylinders storing nuclear waste.



My journey to Mariupol would skirt the occupied area of Donetsk, hence the heightened security.



Security on the route to Mariupol was exceptionally tight, my English passport always raising eyebrows and requiring considerable explanation from my escorts. This trip though, I was actually going to meet one of their colonels, a commanding officer a Border Guard Regiment.



Mariupol is a large industrial port city on the shores of The Sea of Azov, a population of nearly half a million. The ethnic population is equally split between Russian and Ukrainian. This is the landing zone used by Spetsnaz Force -1.



The coast to the south. This is the landing zone used by Spetsnaz Force -1.



Two vehicles of the Mariupol detachment of the Security Service of Ukraine



This is the home of the Mariupol detachment of the Security Service of Ukraine. The Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny, SBU.



The building was raided in February 2014, and numerous documents, hard drives and other data were stolen or destroyed. The raid was allegedly ordered by President Viktor Yanukovych.


IMG_1302 (1)

The 79th Parachute Brigade are legendary. They fought extensively in the Battle in Shakhtarsk Raion where they secured the Russian border and the strategic Savur-Mohyla hill.



In September 2014, the 79th joined the 3rd Separate Spetsnaz unit and National Guard Units in the defence of Donetsk Airport. Due to their stubborn resistance, they were referred to as ‘Cyborgs’.



As they are one of the Quick Reaction Forces, QRF, in the region, they are at a permanent state of readiness. While sat inside, i quickly discovered that the object my foot was resting on was and anti-tank mine. Apart from the standard turret mounted 14.5mm KVPT machine gun, the vehicle I was in carried an AGS-17 grenade launcher. They also had at least half a dozen light anti tank weapons. All vehicles were stocked up with large stocks of water, food and ammunition, so would be able to sustain operations for a number of days in order to prevent a Russian intrusion into the Mariupol Zone.



This is one very professional unit and is more than capable of giving any enemy a bloody nose.


Trench lines east of Mariupol and west of Shyrokyne (Google Maps).


HarveyBlack FM1 Concept3

Don’t forget, Duplicity (Cold War Redux – 2), is now available.



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