4 comments on “The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity). Ukraine – Part 1.

  1. There’s never a shortage of trouble spots in the world. As always there are two sides to the story and in the end it seems to be a Lose-Lose situation.

    • I agree Anneli. These are worrying times, perhaps even more so than the old Cold War. They refer to the current one as ‘The Cool War’, although it doesn’t feel very cool at the moment.

      • Seems like there are so many places that are not safe to travel to (as a tourist). Hotbeds of tension and wars everywhere. Lots of fodder for your books though.

  2. Hi Anneli. That is why I went to Kiev, Zaporizhzhya and Mariupol, so I could see for myself. The first trip was quite scary, travelling nearly a thousand kilometres to Mariupol, where the pro-Russian separatists are merely a few kilometres away. Research is incredibly important to me if I am to maintain a sense of realism in my novels. More to come…. 🙂

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