6 comments on “Cold War Berlin – February edition of Wargames Illustrated.

  1. Both covers are effective, but in the second one (the darker one), I had to look harder to find the title and author and even then it was hard to read the part that says “Cold War Redux” (white font on yellow doesn’t show up well). I wonder how it would be with the title near the top of the dark cover?

      • I like both ideas (the bloody hand) and the hands with the gun in the background. Could the dark cover be made a little bit easier to decipher? Maybe not so many gaps in the flow of the contour lines (the outside lines) of the images, to make it easier to make out what the images are. If that were fixed and the titles showed nicely on the front, I would go for that cover over the other. My main problem with the bloody hand cover is that the yellow and blue look too pretty for a war book. (Maybe a darker, mustardy yellow and a not-so-bluebird blue.) The hand is great and I got the image of blood right away. It’s a real chore to get the cover just right, isn’t it? But it will be worth the trouble in the end.

      • I agree with you. The first one is a bit too cartoon like, but that is the colour of the Ukrainian flag. I will get back to my publisher. 🙂

  2. I am really looking forward to the Berlin article!

    I rather like the first, second one is far more ‘striking’ however its a little harder to follow and look at. It seems a little harsh. If that makes sense…..

    • Hi Keith. Thank you. I agree with you, and have gone back to my publisher with the points raised. It is striking, but a little too blurry. Magazine is in the newsagents now. Enjoy.

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