The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity) KOBO interview London Book Fair.

The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity) KOBO interview London Book Fair 2016.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a Cold War trilogy, The Red Effect, The Black Effect and The Blue Effect, portraying what I believe could have happened in the 1980’s, had the Soviets, and the Warsaw Pact, taken the decision to attack West Germany and plunged the world into a third world war.

I now ask myself the question, are we heading down that very route now? To answer that, I written the first book in a new Cold War trilogy, or the ‘Cool War’ as it is sometimes referred to. The title is ‘The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity)’.

Where does my story start? I felt the only way to find the answer to that was to go to the very melting pot that could turn the Cool War, into a Hot War, the Ukraine.

Please watch the KOBO interview conducted at the London Book Fair 2016. 8 minutes in. Embarrassing watching yourself on video!


The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity) KOBO interview London Book Fair.

8 minutes in for Harvey Black.




The flag of Ukraine.



T-80, painted in the colours of the Ukrainian Flag,  at the War Museum in Kiev


Duplicity-front cover-100dpi

Cold War Redux – Book 1. Duplicity


  1. My book just arrived in the mail Harvey, and I’m starting on it tonight.

    Thanks for your great novels ( I have them all ), and for providing us with realistic stories that ‘could of’ or ‘may still’ become true.

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