7 comments on “The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity). Ukraine – Part 6.

  1. Sounds good as I enjoyed your first trilogy, just hope I am still here for it all. I have just finished the first two volumes of the post apocalyptic series and can hardly wait for the final instalment. I suspect your portrayal of the dog eat dog life style of the survivors sadly would indeed be the case. I suspect the regional centre would be much more hard hearted. I do not see them “wasting” food, safe water and medical supplies on survivors who are unlikely to live or be capable of useful work. Enjoyed your photos. Robert.

    • Hi Robert. Glad you have enjoyed what you have read so far. I believe the situation after an apocalyptic event would be horrific, but I am sure the vestiges of humanity will exist some where. How long will it last? Who knows. But, the story is far from over…. Writing book 3 now.

  2. Just imagine how beautiful this area would be without the marks of so much war on it. Thanks for the “insider’s look” at Ukraine. Best of luck with your new book, Harvey.

      • I know! The world is in very bad shape. Who would have thought that having learned all those hard lessons after the two world wars there would still be so much fighting going on? And it seems to be everywhere. Maybe there’s something in the water….

  3. Looking forward to your new book. Will it be available via Amazon? All the best, David

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