Duplicity (Cold War – Redux Book 1).

Duplicity (Cold War – Redux Book 1).  Available in Kindle and Paperback

I have recently written the first of two novels in my latest Apocalyptic series, ‘Force Majeure – Purgatory’ and ‘Force Majeure – Paralysis’. The third in the series will be out mid this year. Prior to these two books, I wrote a Cold War trilogy, The Red Effect, The Black Effect and The Blue Effect, portraying what I believe could have happened in the 1980’s, had the Soviets, and the Warsaw Pact, taken the decision to attack West Germany and plunged the world into a third world war.

I now ask myself the question, are we heading down that very route again?

To answer that, I have written the first book in a new Cold War trilogy, or the ‘Cool War’ as it is sometimes referred to. Duplicity (Cold War – Redux) is now complete and available in Kindle and Paperback

Duplicity-front cover-100dpi


What does the president of the Russian Federation want?

A Eurasian Union incorporating the former Soviet republics – a new USSR, with President Putinov at its helm.

What does he fear?

Russia’s satellite states uniting against him and allying themselves to western Europe and NATO.

What should he do about it?

Of this he is certain. He initiates a new form of hybrid warfare, using deception, double-dealing and treachery. His first victim? Ukraine.

Harvey Black leads the reader through a continent on the brink of war in the first book of his new Cold War – Redux series. Based on the real events of the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, ‘Duplicity’ sees the birth of a campaign to return Russia to its former glory by a president who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, no matter the cost…


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