2 comments on “Military/Intelligence Bulletin 08/2016 – Russian Roulette

  1. Thanks for the email Harvey,

    It’ll be interesting to see the final NATO battalion deployment to the Baltic states.

    The next 9 months whilst this occurs is the key to the deterrent value of the NATO alliances move to any possible Russian invasion.

    I wonder what the Kremlins plans really are.

    Is Sir Richard Shirreff right ?

    • Hi Paul.

      The West is slow to respond and it is accepted that Russia could take the Baltic states within 24-36 hours and NATO could do little to stop them.

      Lots of bad reviews about Sherriff’s book, but the only way I will find out if it makes sense is by reading it.

      Russia has positioned its pieces, the next 12 months will decide whether or not it is checkmate.

      Writing Deception now, maybe that will be the answer…. 🙂


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