Military/Intelligence Bulletin 06/2019 – Hypersonic and Direct Energy weapons

Military/Intelligence Bulletin 06/2019 – Hypersonic and Direct Energy weapons.

The US army has plans for a hypersonic missile battery and laser mounted Strykers.

The US military is planning on fielding its first hypersonic missile battery by 2023, along with a battery of Strykers equipped with 50 kW high-energy lasers by 2022.

This desire to field these new weapons is driven by the need to compete with China and Russia.


A Stryker with a 5 kW laser mounted on the rear. The US has made the decision to accelerate its development of the Multi-Mission High Energy Laser (MMHEL)

The US is looking to have one hypersonic battery in 2023 and by 2022 field four Strykers equipped with 50kW lasers.


A MEHEL-equipped Stryker. Capable of shooting drones out of the sky using a 5kw fibre laser.

The army is also teaming up with the US Navy to develop a launcher for the hypersonic missile. Work is already in progress looking for a possible ground based mobile launcher for the US Army.


A rendering of a Hypersonic missile.

Photo – Rand Corp.

One option for a transporter erector launcher (TEL) is using M870 trailers, integrating 2 launchers on each one. Or, using the M9834a. Existing command and control systems could be used, along with the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System, to tie them together.


An M9834a towing a Patriot missile launcher. The Army’s hypersonic weapon system could use this same tractor to tow a trailer-mounted TEL

Photo credit – US Army


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