9 comments on “The Cold War – Redux (Duplicity). Ukraine – Part 3.

  1. As I scrolled through the photos, they became like a movie, giving snippets of impressions and the resulting feeling is that the world is in big trouble. So much fighting and hate.But it needs to be documented, and that’s where you are doing your bit with these books and photos.

  2. T-10 was a post war development of the JSIII. Fascinating selection of photos. Looking forward to the next report.

      • T-10 was introduced in service in 1953, while T-10M from the photo, appeared in 1957, and was produced until 1966. It is not a WW2 tank.

        Tank painted in colors of the Ukrainian flag was in the museum, long before the conflict, and it is not captured example. It is the only remaining Obj.478 in the world.

      • Thanks Nema. That was useful. I will update my Post re the T-10M in the next week or so. I am aware that the painted tank is from the pre-conflict era. I think it was actually on Wikipedia. I hope you enjoy my next Post, as it will cover more of the museum before i move on to my trip south. HB

  3. A fascinating story is evolving here Harvey. There must now be no doubt about the origins of the weapons and manpower streaming into the Eastern Ukraine from across the border !

    I’m very much looking forward to your next posts.

    • Thank you Paul. I have visited Kiev, Zaporizzihyia and Mariupol twice this year carrying out research for my next book. I go back in January. More Posts to come. 🙂 Southeast Ukraine, the Donbass region, is at war, of that there is no doubt.

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