4 comments on “Devils with Wings: Silk Drop. Fallschirmjager airborne invasion of Crete.

  1. There are not many people who are qualified to write in great depth on this subject. I think it’s an important contribution to write these books. Good work, Harvey. I hope you sell millions.

  2. So enjoyed both books – A surprise to many might be the close relationship between officers and the men in elite units. Quite different from the CW and from how things were in many of the allies units – I find the US very rank conscious.

    This idea of comradeship was also key to many of the SS units. None more than in the Hitler Youth Division commanded by Panzer Meyer

    A poignant comment on that comes from Tony Foster who wrote a book about his father, the Canadian General who was in Command at Caen and the senior judge at Meyer’s trial. Tony Foster looks at both men and wishes that his father had been as warm and encouraging as Meyer.

    Harvey I think enough time has passed now for us to be able to see more than the War Picture Library perspective

    • Members of ‘Elite’ units are very much more dependant on each other as they are often placed in circumstances where each other is all they have. Also, much more is expected of them.

      In some units rank is irrelevant, the most experienced person is usually ‘the Boss’.

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