Delhi to Katmandu, Part 1

In 2011, I went on an amazing trip, from Delhi to Katmandu. I just want to use this Post to share with you some of the photographs I took on the way. Both were amazing countries and India was particularly vibrant and exciting. Some of the photos were taken through vehicle windows, so i apologise for the poor quality.

I don’t propose to write very much, I am supposed to be reviewing my second draft of Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, and starting on my new ‘Cold War’ series. So please just enjoy the pictures.

And, the first thing we saw was the ubiquitous Snake Charmer

With Cobra, he repeatedly tapped on the head to make it angry…..

Our first journey was by coach, and, as you can see, they all used ‘clean fuel’ in India….

Once off the coach we travelled around Delhi by Rickshaw. A experience in itself.

The Health and Safety Executive would have had kittens seeing this lot above their heads.

A bit of a traffic jam.

I found the locals to be welcoming and friendly.

…and well dressed.

On Day 2, we headed off on the train to see the Taj Mahal. This what welcomed us at the station.

The train journey itself was an eye opener

All along the side of the railway were dwellings like these.

This one looks like a shop.

But, they have satellite TV.

Probably off to get water, it was about 0800 in the morning.

We were looking at this from the comfort of a train….

…being served Tea and Curry. Yes Curry for breakfast. It was all very Colonial.

I wasn’t sure about these. Did they live on the railway line? Or rail workers living on the job.

Arrive at the other end, Tuk, Tuks await us.

The approach to the Taj Mahal

The Gateway.

The first glimpse.

The unveiling

My photography doesn’t do it justice.

The traditional dress was amazing.

You have to stand in front of it to truly appreciate its beauty.

Everyone person met, was friendly and approachable.

These guys insisted on having a photo taken with us as well.

No words needed.

I’m the one with the hat and the plastic bags on my feet…

View of the River Yamuna from the Taj Mahal

Another shot of the Yamuna.

I was weary at the end of the day as well.

The end

I hope you managed to stay awake, if so there will be a part 2 next week.

 Photographs copyrighted to Harvey Black.


  1. Took me back. April 1992 I met my daughter in Katmandu – she was on her gap year. We trekked from Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp in a week – wonderful, beautiful, stressful, unforgettable. Then we flew to Varanasi – phew… v hot, humid and BUSY… then took an 18 hour train to Agra and the Taj…. SO, your photos brought it all back, and reminded me how beautiful is the Taj Mahal! Thank you!!

  2. Beautiful pictures that really capture the colour and spirit of India. Did a holiday a few years ago with Jules Verne – such an ‘assault on the senses’ as I think one of the characters in the Marigold Hotel film said, as we did at the time! Unforgettable scenes. and these photos make the memories vivid once again.

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