9 comments on “Bergen-Belsen. The infamous concentration camp close to Bergen-Hohne.

  1. They were terrible times. Unfortunately this kind of thing is still going on in many places in the world. Africa, the Middle East. Look at Yugoslavia’s history, or Iraq and the Kurds. Argentina? Mexico? When will people learn?

  2. I served there in 1967, with a British Tank regt…I also noticed no birds singing, Inside the many photo’s showed it’s past.
    It was one of my Father’s last postings while he served with an Infintry Unit, was there. He told me of the smells over in the area, something that you and I could not realise…

    • Hi Ray

      I was there in 1979. I remember it being an eerie experience visiting the site. Apart from the fighting, it must have been a daunting experience for your father visiting the camp. HB

  3. Harvey, I too was stationed at Hohne from 1984 to 86 and visited the site. It is a reminder to us all of how evil human beings can be.

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