Military Bulletin 05/2015 – Blackjack Bomber

Military Bulletin 05/2015- Blackjack Bomber

Russia is planning on building more Blackjack Bombers, increasing its fleet threefold. The current fleet of 16, will expand to 50. This was announced by the Russian Air Force Commander, Colonel General Viktor Bondarev on the 28 May. No timescales have been given, but it is thought they will be built to see the Air Force through to the introduction of the new Pak-Da bomber in 2023.

In Russia, it is known as the ‘White Swan’. The variable-geometry, supersonic aircraft, with a range of over 12,000 kilometres, can fly at a speed of 1,800 kph and carry a bomb load of 40,000kg.



  1. Some serious muscle flexing from both sides going on here!
    Given oil prices I’m surprised it can last

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