10 comments on “The Black Effect. The day the Cold War turned Hot. Part 1.

  1. Really excited now! I’ve always had an interest in a Cold War ‘what-if’ scenario and this book’s easily one of the best I’ve come across – much better than Red Storm Rising. I’m intrigued by the colour-themed titles, though. Red, black and blue? Am I missing something really obvious? 🙂

    • Hi Andrew. It was a dark period in our history, when there was areal threat of WW 3 hanging over our heads. Thank you for your comment on The Red Effect. Titles? RED has always been associated with communism, Soviets (reds under the beds) and the USSR . So, book 1 is about the Soviet Union (Red) finally making that leap and launching an all out attack on the West. The other titles…? Wait and see… 🙂 thank you for your continued support. HB

    • Hi Trevor. It should be out in May. It will be longer than TRE and TBE. This is the last in the trilogy, so I wanted to go that extra mile. Thank you for visiting. HB

  2. us navy special warfare vet of the 80s and 90s, qualified as an sadm jumper in 82, spent some tense days in scotland with a c130 in an HAS waiting for launch orders for a vomit filled ride over the german baltic coast to probably blast myself to atoms……………….love your trilogy, it is painful to try to explain to my 26yo usaf daughter what the 80s were like for us. Worked with your SBS, spent time in poole, and portsmouth. Also did mountain winter training in norway with RM and norweigan guardsmen. Would love to read some of your real life times in germany. Great work Mate

    • Hi Pat

      Great to hear from you and glad you have enjoyed the trilogy so far. The Blue Effect will be 10,000 words longer and out in May.
      More about MADMs in The Blue Effect, but i will say no more than that. 🙂 I have the same problem with people around me as well. People don’t realise how desperate those times were and what we would have been up against should the Warsaw Pact have come West.

      Scotland, Baltic coast….very similar weather! Definitely an uncomfortable flight, but one way to get you to jump out. 🙂

      It sounds like you should be writing a book about your time in the forces, I will lend you a pen…. HB

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