11 comments on “Fallschirmjager, Grüne Teufel, Green Devils. Part 3.

    • You are welcome Bruce. They were amazing soldiers and had so many firsts. First time hollow charge weapons were used, first time gliders were used to land troops, and of course the first ever invasion of a country from the air.

      • Yes, forerunners of modern special forces I think. I wrote a brief review of your first book that I posted on Amazon and will blog soon. I understand you have ten planned in the series. I would not be surprised to see Paul and Max turn up at Cassino. I admire people who can write a good story and Devils with Wings certainly was.

      • Thank you, you’re a star. There will be a 2nd edition out later this year. 1st edition nearly sold out. New cover and I will pick up on the editing issues. My debut novel, so still my baby. 🙂 DWW silk drop is an even better read. Yes, they will be at Monte Casino. In Russia at the moment. HB

      • You are welcome. Glad to hear there is 2nd edition, good news for any author. I’m looking forward to Silk Drop.

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