9 comments on “Tiger Tank Special.

  1. Harvey is the driver looking at the camera image as he reverses? I see the commander in the turret facing backwards with a camera.

    • No. The driver was receiving instructions from someone else. The commander was videoing the tank park as they reversed towards it. If you have never been to the Bovington Tank Fest, it is certainly worth a visit.

  2. Tiger with hull number 131 was an early production model. It was equipped with Mayback HL210 engine instead of HL230. There is only 1 hole for the engine crank at the rear clearly indicates that this particular tanks was equipped with Maybach HL210 engine. Those equipped with Maybach HL230 engines have 2 holes for the engine crank. I cannot quite remember what was the other hole for.

    • Thank you for your comment. I will be at the Tank Museum next month, so will check it out. I don’t doubt what your saying and will change it as soon as it is confirmed. Thank you for your interest. Hope you found the pictures interesting. HB

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