Delhi to Katmandu, Part 3

In 2011, I went on an amazing trip, from Delhi to Katmandu. I just want to use this Post to share with you some of the photographs I took on the way. Both were amazing countries and India was particularly vibrant and exciting. Some of the photos were taken through vehicle windows, so i apologise for the poor quality.

I don’t propose to write very much, I am supposed to be editing my third novel,  Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, and starting on my new ‘Cold War’ series. So please just enjoy the pictures.

Delhi to Katmandu, Part 3.

The journey continues…

We started off from Agra’s railway station. Heading for Orchha, but stopping at Jhansi on the way. Just watching and being around the local population was fascinating and you were never bored. Even if you had a long wait, there was always something to catch your eye.

Local shop, on my way to Agra railway station – Agra, October 2010

Some photos were taken through a coach or train (or aeroplane) window, so I apologise for the quality in advance.

Lots of cows. Agra october 2010

Oh, another one. The toilet is behind the cow and to the right. Agra October 2010

One thing we saw consistently was poverty. 

The platform, both directions. Agra Railway Station – October 2010.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, he is sweeping up the railway lines. – October 2010

And he was still smiling.

Our Nepalese guide having a shoe shine.

You met some amazing characters

Hmmmm, where is that damn train?

Time for lunch

The next few shots are from the train as it was moving.

Farmers out in the fields, also where they live.  October 2010

The next shots speak for themselves so I won’t comment. Yes, there are some cows.

My neck is aching just watching them. October  2010

The women definitely appeared to be the most industrious – October 2010

Jhansi station. October 2010

 From here a short trip to the hotel.


The Shop

The Accommodation – October 2010

Marks & Spencer – October 2010

Not too much off the back please. Jhansi October 2010

We arrive at the hotel. I put in a few photos because it was such a beautiful place to stay. Had a very colonial feel about it.

Curry and Japatis for dinner.

Our Porters await us while we have a G&T – 2010

Views from our hotel bedroom.

The room was excellent

Views from the roof of the hotel

Tomorrow is walkabout.

The end

I hope you managed to stay awake, if so there will be a Part 4 next week. I go walkabout, so there will be lots of pictures of the local town of Jhansi.

 Photographs copyrighted to Harvey Black.


  1. What a contrast between the rich and poor (mostly poor). That must have been quite the trip for you.Thanks for sharing the photos and don’t worry about the quality. In this case it’s definitely the content we’re interested in.

    1. Thank you. The photos taken through the windows are naturally of a poorer quality. But, I have lots more to share and they get even more interesting as the journey progresses.

  2. As Anneli says, the contrast between everyday life and the hotel is vast. It’s hard to see such poverty and then see such comfort all in one region.

      1. That is of course true – I suppose you have to consider what their alternative is.
        On a lighter note, I love all the vibrant colours you can see about, although not so keen on their hairdressers.

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