9 comments on “The Fallschirmjager Glider Assault on Fort Eben Emael, May 1940.

    • Shaped, or hollow charge knowledge is essential to produce an implosion type atomic bomb. Did the IEDs deployed by Iran against our troops in Iraq have a unique shaped charge effect?

      Too bad we didn’t have gliders like that in Normandy!

      • Yes, shaped charges were used in Iraq. in 2007, quite a sophisticated roadside bomb was discovered by Afghan police in Kabul. Believed to be supplied by Iran.

        As for gliders, give me a parachute any day.

      • We had lots of gliders in Normandy. British forces used them in one of the best British operations of the war, the capture of Pegasus bridge which helped secure the left flank of the Allied invasion.

      • After Crete, the Germans ceased using gliders and paratroopers in large scale airborne operations. But the British and US made great use of airborne forces. Pegasus bridge, and Arnhem, were key operations in British Army history. HB

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