Force Majeure – Purgatory.

Nuclear Apocalypse, is survival an option? Can Mankind survive Hell on Earth? Available on Kindle for preorder now.


Force Majeure – Purgatory.


The first in my new Apocalyptic series, Force Majeure – Purgatory. Due out in mid-March.


With the country of Ukraine on the boil, NATO troops move in to support the Ukrainian Prime Minister in defiance of Russia’s continued belligerence. British, US and Polish forces start to dig in along the Russian/Ukrainian border and the temperature rises.

With the Russian economy spiralling downwards, the sanctions starting to bite, and while the rest of Europe debate the level of of involvement they are prepared to commit to, the Russian President’s forces strike.  Attacking from the east and from the south, with forces they had built up in the Crimea, they send NATO reeling.

The German, Dutch and Belgian Governments finally release troops into the fight, recognising the threat the Russian action would have on the stability of the European continent. But too late, by that time the Russian President’s patience ran out, and…

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