The Black Effect. Has arrived like a Tornado.

The Black Effect. Has arrived like a Tornado.


Harvey Black (5)


All future Posts will be related to The Blue Effect. But, I just wanted to share the Black Effect that has just hit our household!

From a Cat Rescue Centre, she is now part of the family.


TBE revised - FOR SCREEN-1

The Black Effect

An economy on the verge of collapse, demands from their allies for funding to continue the expansion of communism, and a conventional Army, Navy and Air Force costing the country 20% of its GDP… The Soviet Union is in trouble. Where should they turn for a solution?

Their answer: the capitalist West. On the 4th July 1984, the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact launched a massive preemptive conventional strike against the West, sending the NATO forces reeling.

Follow Jacko and Bradley and their allies as they fight off the Soviet Union. Can the NATO forces recover and hold their ground? Will the Soviet Union succeed? Or will it end in an outright defeat? Follow the series of gripping events in The Black Effect, the second installment in Harvey Black’s Cold War trilogy.

The first novel in my ‘Cold War’ trilogy, The Red Effect, published by SilverWood Books, is now available. Thoroughly enjoyed writing it, as i do with all my novels. There will be three books in total, covering the hypothetical invasion of West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, by the Warsaw Pact in the mid 1980’s. Book 1, ‘The Red Effect’, encompasses part of the intelligence build up leading to the initial Warsaw Pact strike against the NATO forces lined up against them. The purpose of the next few posts is to give the reader some additional background information to enhance their reading experience.




‘The Red Effect’ by Harvey Black – Available now. The Cold War that became a Hot War.

‘The Blue Effect’ is due to be published in May, or before. Cover Reveal to follow.

Site and content is copyrighted to Harvey Black.


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