Cold War Kit, Part 2. BTR-60PA.

Cold War Kit, Part 2. BTR-60PA.


The first novel in my ‘Cold War’ trilogy, The Red Effect, published by SilverWood Books, is now available. Thoroughly enjoyed writing it, as i do with all my novels. There will be three books in total, covering the hypothetical invasion of West Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany, by the Warsaw Pact in the mid 1980’s. Book 1, ‘The Red Effect’, encompasses part of the intelligence build up leading to the initial Warsaw Pact strike against the NATO forces lined up against them. The purpose of the next few posts is to cover some of the Iconic pieces of equipment that would have played a part, should the Cold War have turned Hot.

. RedEffect72dpi-4 .

‘The Red Effect’ by Harvey Black – Available now. The Cold War that became a Hot War.

The Cold War era started very soon after the end of the second world war, when the communist east, led by the Soviet Union, and the Western world, led by the United States and its NATO allies, faced each across what became known as the ‘Iron Curtain’.

The perception of a potential Third World War, was generally one of a nuclear war. It may have come to that. In reality we will never know. But, one scenario is that of a conventional war. The massed forces of the Warsaw Pact against the supposedly technically superior, but weaker, NATO armies, that may well have escalated into a nuclear exchange. But a pure conventional war was just as likely.


Cold War Kit. 088

BTR-60, a wheeled Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier 


Cold War Kit. 079 (3)

The BTR-60 is fully amphibious, propelled in the water by a jet centrally mounted in the rear of the hull. The covers move sideways exposing the water jet.


Cold War Kit. 080 (2)

It was a revolutionary design in its time. Crew compartment in the front, troop compartment in the middle and the engine compartment at the rear.


Cold War Kit. 081 (1)

The power pack is 2 x Gaz-40P 6-cylinder gasoline engine. 90 hp each.


Cold War Kit. 082

Weighing 10 tons, it had a crew of 2 and could carry ten Infantry.


Cold War Kit. 083

Three firing ports on each side of the upper hull.


Cold War Kit. 084

Vents are open for cooling the two engines.


Cold War Kit. 085

In the roofed BTR-60PA version, the troops had to dismount through the roof hatches. This would expose the soldiers to enemy fire. The three steps in-between the wheels on either side were there to help the infantry mount and dismount.


Cold War Kit. 086

Before entering the water, the trim vane at the front of the hull would have to be lowered. This prevented water from flooding over the bow.


Cold War Kit. 088

In the travelling position, it provided additional armour.


Cold War Kit. 089

It had a top speed of 50mph on the road and 6mph in the water.


Cold War Kit. 090

The welded steel hull would provide protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. But, a 7,62mm round could penetrate the sides if as close as 100m.


Cold War Kit. 091

The engine vents.


i hope this has given you a further insight into what the Warsaw Pact, in particular the Soviet Army, had in their armoury.

The equipment Photographs and Blog are copyrighted to Harvey Black.

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‘The Red Effect’ by Harvey Black – Kindle version out now! The Cold War that became a Hot War. Paperback edition imminent.



    1. Hi Steve. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. I very much enjoyed writing it. They are scary times in the 80s…..
      The Black Effect was sent to my editor today, so all being well it will be available in September.
      In the meantime, give Devils with Wings a try. 🙂

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