12 comments on “Margaret Thatcher. British Prime Minister 1979-1990 (Cold War era)

  1. She was made of stern stuff – and allegedly only needed 3-4 hours sleep a night! She always reminded me of a female Winston Churchill – someone you would want on your side when the going was tough. Lovely tribute Harvey!

    • Like Churchill during WW2, she was the leader we needed at that time. I know she was not everyones cup of tea, but she did a lot to turn this country around. I can remember when the tanks couldn’t be used on exercise because we didn’t have the fuel…

  2. Not only did she do a lot for the country and the armed forces but she did a lot for women too. Whatever a person’s political thoughts on her, there is no denying she was the original ‘Girl Power’!

    Lovely tribute, Harvey, thank you.

  3. Lovely tribute to her, Harvey. She was a force to be reckoned with for sure. Good on her. Sad to read of her passing but she went out having done things that no woman had ever done – and things that men hadn’t done either.

    My condolences to her family.

    • Thank you Melanie. She turned the sick-man of Europe into a country the be reckoned with. When the Falkland Islands were invaded, they pulled the sleeping Lion’s tail and it turned around and bit their head off.

  4. An interesting, unusual tribute – and I enjoyed this collection of images. She was controversial but quite unforgettable. Thank you Harvey.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to read WE THOUGHT WE’D LIVE FOREVER… glad you like the story. I learned a lot from our time with each other. I just became one of your followers and really look forward to learning from your experiences. Just keep the stories coming!

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