Delhi to Katmandu, Part 4

Delhi to Katmandu, Part 4

In 2010, I went on an amazing trip, from Delhi to Katmandu. I just want to use this Post to share with you some of the photographs I took on the way. Both were amazing countries and India was particularly vibrant and exciting. Some of the photos were taken through vehicle windows, so i apologise for the poor quality.

I don’t propose to write very much, I am supposed to be editing my third novel,  Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun, and starting on my new ‘Cold War’ series. So please just enjoy the pictures.

The journey continues…

We started off from Agra’s railway station. Heading for Orchha, but stopping at Jhansi on the way. Just watching and being around the local population was fascinating and you were never bored. Even if you had a long wait, there was always something to catch your eye.

Saying goodbye to the Hotel at Jhansi, October 2010

Some of the Hotel staff, beautiful outfits. October 2010.

Our next trip took us to Orchha, where we got to explore the town and visit Orchha Palace.

This is an Emporium, an Indian Art Gallery…October 2010

Orchha, a town in the Tikamgarh district of  Madhya Pradesh State. October 2010

Orchha Palace. The town of Orchha was established by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501.

Orchha Palace. October 2010

He became the first King of Orchha, but died in an attempt to save a cow from a Lion.

Such gentle creatures. Orchha October 2010.

Once inside, it was easy to find a toilet. A sign outside the toilet indicated that foreigners didn’t have to pay.  A couple of people stood in front of the sign, hiding it. Many went to the kiosk (well a table and two chairs outside) and paid. When i discovered this I went and go my money back. A good scam though.

Orchha Palace.  October 2010.

Orchha Palace. The palace-fort consists of several connected buildings built at different times. October 2010.

More of the palace-fort.

Within the fort complex is the Raaj Mahal.

Religious murals in the Orchha palace-fort. October 2010.

I found the murals breathtaking, the photos don’t do them justice.



One of our guides demonstrating the purpose of the doorway’s particular design. Used for prayer.


A photographers dream.

An indication of its size.

More detail. Orchha Palace-fort. October 2010.

It was quite late by the time we finished the tour.

The next day our guide took us off piste to visit a local village.

Yes, they are cows.

They were friendly and pleased to see us.

They loved to look at the pictures on the camera afterwards and often asked for a second photo so they could pose.

Naan bread. beats anything you can get in the UK.

As poor as they were, they never seemed to stop smiling. They all appeared clean and smart.

One of the homes.

These small pots were used for a side order of olives or for wine.

Time to go, our journey taking us through the inner part of the village.

Back on the coach. On our way to the temples at Khajuraho and the famous kamasutra carvings.

Lots of small businesses.

Open all hours.

Lunch? Maybe not. Orchha, october 2010

Never have to worry about spare parts for your bike.  October 2010

It was surprising how much rubbish was left lying around, animals often rummaged for food.

They seemed oblivious to it.  – Orchha, October 2010.

This was a mini factory, shop and home. Orchha – October 2010


Time to take the family shopping. Orchha – October 2010.

Tented areas like these (plastic sheeting) were a regular occurrence. Orchha 2010.

Yes, I am a mountain goat!!

Just a taster for the next Post. Varaha Temple October 2010.

The end

I hope you managed to stay awake, if so there will be a Part 5 next week. I visit the Varaha Temple in Khajaraho. The Post will just cover that visit, the pictures are astounding.

 Photographs copyrighted to Harvey Black.



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