Military/Intelligence Bulletin 06/2016 – Ukraine develops Mi-8 helicopter Upgrade.

Ukraine’s Motor Sich is developing a number of multirole variants of MI-8MSB-V/W multirole to be employed against the pro-Russian separatist militants.


Mi-8 MSB-V/W, multirole helicopter.


They are aimed at addressing the threats posed by anti-aircraft systems held by the pro-Russian separatists in the contested eastern region of Ukraine.

Based on the MI-8T helicopter, the aim of the upgrade is to increase firepower and survivability, with the installation of an Adron SKZ-8V digital armament control system and a range of air-to-surface weapons including the GKKB Luch Baryer-V and Russian made Shturm-V anti-tank missiles, taken from existing MI-24 attack helicopter ordnance. Additional armour will  also be provided for the protection of the cockpit and Adron’s Adros ASH-01V infrared suppression systems for its engine exhaust ducts.


MI-2MSB-V/W (nearest) and MI-8MSB-V/W at the Kiev military equipment expo. Photo from Motor-Sich company

There will be three MSB-V/W variants:

Version-1 an assault and attack helicopter fitted with a navigation system, electro-optic turret, laser warning receivers, radar, anti-aircraft missiles and grenade launcher pods.

Version-2 a patrol and reconnaissance helicopter similar to version 1, although it won’t be armed with anti-tank guided missiles. But, it will have pylon-mounted launchers for small UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles.

Version-3 will be an airborne commands and control variant

All variants will have the new TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine. They will have greater range and a higher ceiling.


Photo MI-8MSB-V/W transport/assault helicopter at the Kiev military equipment expo. Photo from Motor-Sich company.


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