Harvey Black – Author

Harvey Black – Author

Harvey Black


A qualified parachutist, Harvey served with British Army Intelligence for over ten years. His experience ranged from covert surveillance in Northern Ireland to operating in Communist East Berlin during the cold war, where he feared for my life after being dragged from his car and attacked by Russian KGB soldiers.

Since then he has lived a more sedate life in the private sector as a Director for an International Company, but now enjoys the pleasures of writing.

His books.

Harvey has focused on two genres, World War 2 fiction and Cold War fiction.

The World War 2 fiction is covered by his Devils with Wings series.

Devils with Wings.

Devils with Wings

Devils with Wings


German Fallschirmjager paratrooper Paul Brand and his junior sergeant Max Grun are sent to a clandestine camp in the foothills of the Harz Mountains to undergo intensive training for their mission – the subjugation of the impregnable Eben Emael Fortress. The top-secret mission involves two classified weapons: a glider used for the first time to deposit troops directly onto target, and a new Hollow Charge Weapon, capable of blasting through steel or concrete. Standing between them is over 1,000 Belgian troops. Will they succeed in their mission and penetrate the strongest fortress in the world? Or will the Belgian troops and their secure bastion be too strong? Join Paul and Max in the first of their wartime missions and follow them in the Devils with Wings series. This exciting fictionalised retelling of the assault on Eben Emael is written by an author with extensive army intelligence experience..


Devils with Wings: Silk Drop

Silk Drop

Silk Drop


This exciting fictionalised retelling of the invasion of Crete is written by an author with extensive experience in army intelligence. It’s the follow up to Devils With Wings, and continues the wartime adventures of Fallschirmjager paratrooper Paul Brand and his Feldwebel Max Grun. On a high after their successful subjugation of Fort Eben Emael, Paul Brand, now in command of his own company, and Feldwebel Max Grun, are parachuted into Greece to help capture the bridge spanning the Corinth Canal. Tough times are ahead when the German High Command decide to invade the Island of Crete. This will be the first ever airborne invasion in military history. The Fallschirmjager, supported by the famous Gebirgsjager mountain troops, are up against 40,000 allied soldiers – who will fight to the bitter end to protect Crete. Operating behind enemy lines, Paul Brand and Max Grun will face challenges that not only tests their fortitude but strains the close bond between them. Silk Drop is a thrilling sequel to Devils With Wings and is based on a factual episode.


Devils with Wings: Frozen Sun


Frozen Sun

Frozen Sun



Book 3 in the exciting and popular ‘Devils with Wings’ WWII series. After a successful mission in Greece and taking part in the first airborne invasion in military history, Fallschirmjager paratrooper Paul Brand and sergeant Max Grun continue their wartime adventures. High Command has assigned a new task to the specialist battalion. Paul and his outfit are not only pitted against heavy artillery and Soviet armoured trains, but also thrown into the merciless siege surrounding Leningrad against a desperate enemy. The Soviet Army is frantic to break out of the ring of steel that surrounds them and have successfully secured two bridgeheads across the River Neva. Paul and his battalion are the only strategic reserve and the last resort to hold back the Russian hordes. As the hostile Russian winter sets in and the Soviets’ desperation mounts, the casualties begin to stack up. Will Paul and his men hold out? Or will this be one mission where the enormity of the enemy forces, the size of the task set before them and the bitterness of winter prove to be too much? Frozen Sun, the thrilling sequel to Devils With Wings: Silk Drop, is based on factual events and written by an author with extensive army intelligence experience.



The Cold War Series

The Cold War era started very soon after the end of the second world war, when the communist east, led by the Soviet Union, and the Western world, led by the United States and its NATO allies, faced each across what became known as the ‘Iron Curtain’.

The perception of a potential Third World War, was generally one of a nuclear war. It may have come to that. In reality we will never know. But, one scenario is that of a conventional war. The massed forces of the Warsaw Pact against the supposedly technically superior, but weaker, NATO armies, that may well have escalated into a nuclear exchange.

The Red Effect


The Red Effect

The Red Effect


1983: The Cold War has been in existence since the end of World War Two. Although tensions have always been fraught between the Western nations and the members of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, common sense has prevailed.
Until, as a consequence of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the shooting down of a Korean passenger aircraft in 1983, and the relentless build up of Soviet military strength, everything is about to change.

In a panoramic novel, readers travel from centres of power to the front lines – a war is brewing and events are happening at every angle.Is the Cold War about to turn hot? Can NATO forces endure a mass strike by thousands of Soviet tanks? Can the West survive?

Follow the series of gripping events that culminated in ‘The Red Effect’, in the firstinstalmentof Harvey Black’sThe Cold War trilogy.


A Grenztruppen officer, as usual, stood opposite the passenger door and looked at the two occupants inside. After waiting a few moments, he did a circuit of the vehicle, going through the pretence that he could make the decision to prevent the representatives of the British Government from passing into East Berlin.


22 comments on “Harvey Black – Author

  1. Hi Harvey,

    | purchased your Devils with Wings Trilogy on Saturday at Tankfest, Bovington and we talked about some books I had read regarding the 1941 War in Iraq; you asked me to let you have the ISBN Numbers for them so I have listed them below along with their Titles and Authors.

    Hidden Victory – The Battle for Habbaniya, May 1941 by Air Vice-Marshal A.G. Dudgeon CBE DFC
    ISBN No: 0-7524-2037-2 published by Tempus Publishing

    Iraq 1941 – The Battles for Basra, Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad by Robert Lyman & Illustrated by Howard Gerrard. ISBN No: 1-84176-991-6 published by Osprey Publishing – Campaign Series – Campaign 165.

    If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me by email.

    Kind Regards


    Jim Welch

    • Hi Jim. Great to have met you at the TankFest. Sorry for the delay, but i am writing the final chapters for The Black Effect…very focussed at the moment. I will certainly check these out. You certainly piqued my interest.


  2. Mr. Black,
    I am writing to you today to tell you what an absolute thrill your “Effect” novels were to read. As a former member of the United States Army at the end of the Cold War I appreciate your dramatization of a conflict which never happened. In addition, I really appreciated the insights I gained in the British perspective on modern warfare. In Desert Storm, I had the rare privilege to speak to a private with the “Desert Rats.” As a young NCO I found him to be a true professional and extremely disciplined for a man of his years.
    Your series increased my knowledge base of the British soldier, his tactics, and equipment in the modern era.
    I would like to take this moment to ask you a technical question. My friends and I do a lot of war gaming as a hobby. Most of our maps are abstracted and it seems that official military maps of West Germany are hard to come by. I was wondering if you have any advice you could offer in obtaining such maps?
    Thank you again for writing this great series.
    Len Hillhouse

    • First of all Len, thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂 I really enjoyed writing it. I used a BAOR road map from that particular era, the landscape has changed significantly over the years. A few houses become a village, a village becomes a town….. What area area are you looking for? You could try E-bay. HB

      • Mr. Black,
        Thank you for your reply and advice. Personally, I would love to get maps of the Fulda gap area, and the approaches to Frankfurt. My friends and I have always wanted to see how long the 11th ACR could hold out.
        I recall an argument between a member if the Blackhorse, and a guy from the 2nd ID (who had just returned from a Korean DMZ assignment). The argument concerned which unit was expected to live longer if the balloon went up. My money was one the 11th. I have always wanted to wargame Fulda.
        Thank you for your time.
        Len Hillhouse

  3. Hello Mr Black
    Like Len I served in the BAOR in the cold war in the late 80’s in a armoured recce unit, so I appriciate the “effect” series as well. I also love the devils with wing series which provides a serious insight to the Fallschirmjager paratrooper, of which not many authors write about.

    so the big question when will the next edition of the “effect” series and the devils with wings be avalible?

    D Roberts

    • Hi Darren. They were interesting times and you had to be there to really understand the Cold War at its frostiest. Not sure yet if I will write a 4th Effect series, but will give it some thought. Devils with Wings book 4 will be written next year, there will probably be 6-8 in the series. Monte casino, Normandy, battle of the bulge, a lot to cover. I need to finish the Force Majeure series first, but DWWs is my baby and will get my attention next year. I will also be looking at a WW1 series and eventually a Roman Legion trilogy. It will keep me busy. 🙂 thank you for your support. HB

  4. Harvey,

    Great website. Could you possibly email me as I would like to discuss the possibility of getting permission to use a photograph in a museum display? Thanks.


  5. Hi Harvey,
    Finished The Red Effect in a day, couldn’t put it down. A highly enjoyable read with plenty of cold war facts and information.

    • Hi Harvey
      Its, Darren just finished you new book Purgatory. Good book but I do miss the effect series and the devil with wings series. Matt post shows that these are good reads

  6. Hi Darren. Be patient…. 🙂 Working on a new trilogy. Top Secret at the moment. Pretty sure you will like it……. I will start a series of blogs in November which will give you an insight into the subject matter. Glad you enjoy reading my novels. Please review on Amazon if you get the chance.

  7. Mr. Black.

    I’ve stumbled on your website for blind luck and I’ve started to look for your books immediately. I’ve begun with Force Majeure series ( I’m quite fond of that kind setting) and I found it Amazing, can’t wait for the third installment to become available. I’ve bought Duplicity as well but it was a gift to my wife (who’s Ukrainian…) so I’will have to wait her fnishing it before trying it.

    Keep up with the good work

    Kind regards


    P.S: I don’t know your plans about the convicts, but whatever they are, please make them suffer. 🙂

    • First of all, I am glad you have enjoyed the Force Majeure series and thank you for your kind comments. Please review on Amazon if you get the chance. I am currently writing Book 3. As for the convicts……? Only time will tell. 🙂 I have made some great friends in Ukraine, particularly Kiev and Mariupol. It’s a great country and once the conflict is resolved it will truly fly. Regards to your wife. Try my other Cold War series, ‘The Red Effect; is the first. I shall go back to Mariupol again sometime this year to meet up with the friends I have made in the Ukrainian Army.

  8. Hello Harvey

    I have stumbled accross your website through the infamous Google and I was wondering if you could help me. I attended TankFest this year and like you I felt ‘Megatron’ was the star of the show in his new ‘thermal obscuring pajamas.’

    I am also a keen 3D modeler and having done Challenger 2 in the TES setup with Saab Barracuda I am wanting to update the model to use the new Solar Shield.

    I am therefore wondering if you would be willing to send me the full resolution photos you took of megatron at TankFest 2016 as shown on your blog as they are fantastic and would be brilliant reference. My phone camera did not do it justice 🙂 I would appreciate your consideration and I look forward to your response.



  9. Hi
    I have just read the REDUX series and both books were great. What I want to know will there be a third book in this series and if so when will it be out ??

  10. When will you being doing some more devil with wings books.
    Great seris so far.
    Greg Hiley

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